Northumberland County Economic Development


Looking to invest?

Northumberland invites you to get involved with the economic sustainability and prosperity in our community. There are many ways to get involved - as an investor, a community partner, a funding partner, or a business associate who can help provide essential expertise to early-stage companies with seed capital, guidance and much needed support.


Spark Angel Network

Spark Angel Network is a group of individual investors whose aim is to build economic growth and sustainability within Durham and Northumberland. As successful individuals, the members have come together to provide private equity investment to early-stage technology and innovative businesses.

Primarily, focusing on businesses in the Durham-Northumberland area, the Spark Angel Investment Network enables high net worth individuals to allocate a small proportion of their investable assets into a diversified (self-selected) portfolio of early-stage ventures. Becoming a 'member' will be of interest to those looking to allocate $25k+ per year to a mix of such private-equity opportunities. Please visit for more information.

Peterborough Region Angel Network

The Peterborough Region Angel Network (PRAN) brings together individual investors from the Peterborough area. Peterborough Angels combine their wealth of knowledge and experience to collaborate and invest in early stage growth companies. Their particular areas of focus for investment include: information & communication technology (ICT), medical technology, green technology, biotechnology and life-sciences. Their members are seeking participation in challenging business situations and to assist client and community success. If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding, or an individual interested in joining the Peterborough Angels, please visit for more information.

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To learn more about investing your time, money or expertise in Northumberland, contact Dan Borowec who can assist with your journey to invest in a business.