Northumberland County Economic Development


Why Invest Northumberland?

Northumberland invites you to get involved with the economic sustainability and prosperity in our community. There are many ways to get involved - as an investor, a community partner, a funding partner, or a business associate who can help provide essential expertise to early-stage companies with seed capital, guidance and much needed support.

Like other developing communities, our local economy is dominated by the service industry, employing a majority of our population. Taking the time to invest in our local economy will help boost the productive capacity within our county through assisting businesses build and expand.

If you are considering investing in our area we can help you with your decision.

We will take a look at:

  • Information on the local economy and business climate
  • Profiles for our local municipalities
  • Industrial land and buildings in our county
  • Information on government incentive programs
  • Supporting to coordinate site selection and community visits
  • Contacts for government, utility, transportation and business officials

People to contact

Please contact Dan Borowec for more information on helping boost our local economy.