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Culture and Recreation

Captivating, connected and welcoming are just a few words to describe this dynamic region in south-eastern Ontario.

Northumberland County's heritage has defined our present culture making it truly different from other areas. Over the years, proud citizenship and active volunteerism have given Northumberland County an extremely strong fabric.

Our County offers a full range of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Outdoor facilities include several baseball fields, golf courses, soccer fields, and basketball and tennis courts. Indoor facilities include arenas, community centers and bowling allies. Northumberland is also the perfect outdoor adventure playground for activities like cycling, fishing, camping and boating opportunities. Our County has various artistic, theatrical and musical talents where for decades, well- known names in the arts and entertainment field have made their home in Northumberland.

Real Estate

The average home in Northumberland County in 2016 costs approximately $246,285.00. This new assessment for a median single family home in Northumberland, regardless of where it is located within the county, is well below the Province of Ontario median of $386,000.00. There is a very impressive record of restoring grand homes, century cottages and farms in the County, alongside well planned residential developments that continue to add to the vibrancy and community life within Northumberland County.

We have many real-estate agencies available to help you find the perfect home. Visit our directory to view realtor listings.

Community and Social Services Housing Division

Housing Services is a division of the Department of Community and Social Services in Northumberland County and is located at 555 Courthouse Road, Cobourg ON. The division has four main areas of responsibility:

  • Social Housing Administration
  • Housing Operations and Administration
  • Homelessness Initiatives
  • Affordable Housing Development

For more information on Housing Services Department, visit the Community and Social Services page on the Northumberland County website.

Habitat for Humanity

The families that are supported through Habitat for Humanity Northumberland are caught in the vicious cycle of poverty. Many are forced to make impossible choices between such essentials as shelter and food, between paying rent and paying utility bills. These are choices no family should have to make.

The goal of Habitat for Humanity is to break the cycle of poverty through promoting homeownership. They achieve this mission through their Homeownership Program which helps individuals and families in financially vulnerable situations build and buy quality affordable homes. Habitat for Humanity homes are sold with:

  • No down-payment
  • Interest free mortgages
  • Mortgage payments set at 25% of gross income
  • Homeowner training and support services

This program ensures affordable housing while allowing families to build equity for the future and contribute back to the community. For more information on eligibility or the organization please visit the Habitat for Humanity Northumberland website.


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Northumberland County offers educational opportunities for learners of all ages. Fully-engaged learning is inspired by the region's unique geography, deep-rooted history, and strong commitment to its arts community.

The county's track record for attracting dynamic business and industry has lured an impressive number of university and college graduates, skilled professionals and tradespeople to the region. When compared to the province of Ontario and to Canada as a whole, a higher percentage of the Northumberland County population aged 20 - 64 have training accreditation, college certificates or diplomas.

We have a number of educational institutions throughout our County, including:

  • 42 Elementary Schools
  • 6 Secondary Schools
  • Public and Catholic School Boards
  • 4 Independent Schools
  • 7 Post-Secondary institutions within commuting distance
  • 2 Adult Education Centers

For information on our local elementary and secondary school systems, please visit the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board or the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District School Board.

Our County is also proud to be the home of Trinity College School providing education to prepare young men and women to thrive in university and beyond. Their strong reputation reflects excellent programs in academics, athletics, arts, and student life.

We have immediate access to seven post-secondary institutions that offer training programs to support local businesses and are within commuting distance, including:

  • Sir Sandford Fleming College;
  • Trent University;
  • Durham College;
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology;
  • Queens University;
  • Loyalist College; and
  • Trillium College.

Our County is home to Fleming College's satellite campus in Cobourg, which offers customized training for local businesses and organizations, as well as Academic Upgrading programs. Trent University, with its main campus in Peterborough and satellite campus in Oshawa, offers 60 programs that strike a unique balance between outstanding teaching and lead-edge research.

Adult Education Centers are available to help individuals develop their skills for employment opportunities. The Community Training & Development Centre provides training and professional development opportunities to reflect individual workplaces.

Employment Resources

Throughout Northumberland County, organizations offer services and resources to bring employers and skilled workers together.

Workforce Development Board

We work closely with our local Workforce Development Board to actively engage organizations and community partners in our local labour market development. Our County collaborates on activities that expand the local boundaries and maximizes resources. 

For job seekers looking for resources, please visit the Job Seeker page on the Workforce Development Board website.

For employers looking for resources, please visit the Employer Resources page on the Workforce Development Board website.

Community Employment Resource Partnership

Another website to visit is the Community Employment Resource Partnership (CERP) website, where you will find a committed group servicing all members of our community through cooperative planning and service delivery. CERP Northumberland provides their clients with support, tools and resources to improve the outcomes for individuals, agencies and communities as a whole.

For a list of job opportunities through the CERP website visit their Job Posting page on their website.

Employment Ontario

Employment Ontario knows how hard it is to find a job. They are committed to helping you get the training skills and experience needed to achieve your goals. They provide tools to help people from all over the province to find employment.

Employers and job seekers can use their new self-service tool to link up with their expanding services.

Visa and Immigration

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Are considering moving to Canada? Canada prides itself on being an open and welcoming county that welcomes visitors and newcomers!

Northumberland County would love to help you in your transition to our wonderful community should you need the assistance. If you would like more information on living and working in Northumberland County, please visit: Northumberland Immigration Portal

Are you eligible to work, study, visit, travel through or live permanently in Canada? Find out here: Check eligibility



Looking for help settling in Canada? Visit: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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