Northumberland County Economic Development



Here, location helps to chart success.

Within Northumberland, there are many large tracts of desirable land available for commercial and industrial use.

All municipalities have zoned specific areas in order to maintain a strong economic base while recognizing the importance of well-planned growth.


Advanced Manufacturing

Northumberland has a diverse manufacturing sector comprising a variety of consumer and industrial products, using innovative technology to improve products or processes improving industry through new methods of product design and production.

We have hosted a number of global manufacturers and offer emerging advanced manufacturers several world class facilities from which to start or expand their advanced manufacturing expertise.

Our County has a higher concentration of people with college degrees and trade certificates than both Ontario and Canada.  We are within an hour of two universities and three colleges that offer a wide variety of technical programs to ensure their graduates are ready for a career in manufacturing.

Many local manufacturers take advantage of government training subsidies and programs that cover a portion of training costs.  Wages are competitive, yet lower than the provincial average. Manufacturing companies enjoy the dedicated, skilled labour; easy access to Highway 401; and exceptional quality of life that our County offers.

Agriculture and Agri-Food

Agriculture being the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.

Agri-food being the business of producing food agriculturally (as opposed to through hunting, fishing, gathering, and so on) or through advanced processing to create an agriculture related food product. This value chain designed to increase competitive advantage through collaboration in a venture that links producers, processors, marketers, food service companies, retailers and supporting groups such as shippers, research groups and suppliers.

In Northumberland, agri-business is alive and growing in the county.

A part of Ontario's $8.6 billion agricultural food sector, the county offers an impressive 200 agricultural commodities with 97 594 hectares of farmland in use.

The total gross farm receipts in 2013 were recorded at $141.7 million up from the $95million that was recorded in 2011.

Dairy is the main commodity of Northumberland County. In fact, close to 30% of the county's farm cash receipts come from dairy.

Northumberland is also widely known for the 'Big Apple' in Colborne, as well as the 'Apple Route' that spans the entire region. In Northumberland, apple production is 50% higher than the provincial average.

If you are a farmer and are looking to implement some business changes or look for grants to improve your business, you can get a list of federal, provincial and territorial programs and services tailored to your needs. Visit the AgPal program:  for more information. For more information about agriculture in Northumberland please visit our Proudly Northumberland website.

Food Processing

Northumberland has a very dynamic food processing sector. In fact, it has become a central hub for food processing technology in the province.

Many of Canada's prime companies focusing on foods that are ready eat, heat or cook can be found in Northumberland County.

Solar Raw Food, a kale farm located in Northumberland County, has earned a well-deserved position at top spot on the super food list. The award winning, sustainable business is a kale chip facility powered only by solar energy. As a part of Brandneu Foods, Solar Raw Food enjoys a home office located in Cobourg, Ontario.Weetabix Canada Limited, Weston Bakeries Ltd. and Curtis Chicks Maple Lodge Farms are food processing companies that enjoy the dedicated, skilled labour; easy access to Highway 401; and exceptional quality of life that our County has to offer.In addition, Loyalist College in Belleville, about an hour's drive east of the county, has one of the most tailored and recognized food-processing training curricula in Canada, classified as Manufacturing Engineering Technician.


The county's track record for attracting dynamic business and industry has lured an impressive number of university and college graduates, skilled professionals and tradespeople to the region. When compared to the province of Ontario and to Canada as a whole, a higher percentage of the Northumberland County population aged 20 - 64 have training accreditation, college certificates or diplomas.

Emerging Technologies

Technology is changing at an incredible pace these days, and this has a significant impact on the success of businesses. Northumberland believes in adopting new technologies and developing new products and services and tapping into new markets.

From wind power to solar power, Northumberland is harnessing nature's energy to ensure a greener future. It's only appropriate that Alderville First Nation, established in 1837 on the south shore of Rice Lake, become one of the first constituencies to enter into a solar farming arrangement.

This partnership includes the training of local resources and the development of a Centre of Excellence for advancing solar energy research, education and training. The solar farm has the capacity to produce 5.7 million KWh per year - equal to that of avoiding 80,000 tons of CO2 emissions.


International Trade

Northumberland County is all about opening doors, providing on-the-ground support, business-to business contacts, and information and tools for exporters in the area. Our aim is to provide unique opportunities and benefits to international partners through access to key economic indicators in the area, as well as a stable network of support for our partner agencies.

Providing business-to-business meetings, site visits, and valuable in depth discussions with foreign market experts helps us to create the opportunity to initiate, develop and execute export, import and investment opportunities with other countries.

If you are considering international trade for your business, visit for up to day information on export and import controls. If you would like assistance, or would be interested in learning more about the international trade missions we embark on, please contact us.


Northumberland County is in Southeastern Ontario and has a strong transportation network.

We have road, rail, seaway, and air access to major industrial and consumer markets of Canada and the United States.

One day's trucking from our County reaches half of North America's industrial and consumer markets.

We have a desirable location with access to Canada´s largest commercial airport (Pearson International in Toronto), and the highest volume seaport on the Eastern Seaboard of North America (Montreal).  Also with Canada´s busiest highway (Highway 401) and a railway running right through the county, we have an excellent transportation infrastructure.

We are home to many trucking companies that enjoy the dedicated, skilled labour; easy access to Highway 401; and exceptional quality of life that Northumberland County has to offer.

Our County is home to many transportation companies that can get your product where it needs to go when you need it to get there.


From plastics that help protect our children to plastics that help power the future, Northumberland County has a huge role in Canada's sophisticated $26.3 billion plastics industry.

In Ontario, Northumberland is only 1 out of 2 counties to have a high concentration of both resin and plastic products.

Sabic's Innovative Plastics, a plastics company located in Northumberland County, offers innovative solutions to design needs in virtually every manufacturing area. They are a business that drives changes in the design and use of consumer and industrial products in every part of the world. They are a world leader in providing engineering thermoplastics solutions. See more about what they do on their website.

Another state-of-the-art plastics company located in Northumberland County is Horizon Plastics International. Horizon has a proven track record of molding custom plastic parts for individuals with big ideas and companies looking for easier, cost efficient alternatives to manufacture their products. For more information about their history and progress in the Northumberland area, visit their website.

With this future-focused industry and the progressive voice of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association comes a commitment to the principles of reuse, recycling and energy recovery.

There are many post-secondary institutions close to our County that continuously provide a variety of skilled "plastics-ready" graduates.

Our educated workforce, access to markets, excellent transportation links, and pro-business climate gives our County a competitive advantage for relocating or locating your business here.

To learn more about this sector in our area or to make an inquiry, please contact us and we will be glad to help in any way we can.


With the ideal location as a four-season destination, tourism is a growing sector in Northumberland County.

Northumberland is one of the top 5 regional tourism destinations in Ontario, offering natural beauty, pristine waterfront and beaches, unique accommodations, diverse restaurants, and a vibrant array of unique cultural festivals and events.

Northumberland has a full-service tourism planning and service department, which has just implemented one of Ontario's first online pilot reservation systems for travel.

This year, it's projected that more than 1 million visitors will experience all that Northumberland has to offer, spending $105 million.

We have lots to offer anyone looking to invest in the tourism industry.  All the ingredients are here - location, heritage, natural attractions, recreational activities, and visitors.

Be sure to visit our Tourism website for a look at all there is to see and do in our County.