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Business Advisory Centre

The Business Advisory Centre of Northumberland helps entrepreneurs begin their businesses and local businesses grow and prosper in Northumberland.

When starting a business, the BACN will help with business and marketing plans and possibly set you up with a mentor.

If growing your business, the BACN can help you edit your business plan and help identify details regarding your market.

Youth entrepreneurs are given a high priority in Northumberland. Through the BACN youth can enter various programs to help them succeed in building and maintaining their own business.

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The county's track record for attracting dynamic business and industry has lured an impressive number of university and college graduates, skilled professionals and tradespeople to the region. Northumberland County is located close to 4 community college main campuses and 3 other training centres.

With over 1,900 square kms of prime land, bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, and on the north by Rice Lake, we can offer businesses a nearby market of 4 million people without skipping a beat. It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful place has immediate access to the largest of markets. For employers and entrepreneurs, practitioners and professionals, Northumberland County is perfectly positioned to offer unlimited opportunity - all within an idyllic region to work, and to call home.